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Motorized Drapes

Small table featuring a bowl of green plants set in front a large windows with Carole Fabrics custom drapes looking out into the city.

Motorized and Electric Drapes

Drapes, with their luxurious fabrics in materials such as silk, velvet and damask, are beautiful additions to dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Whether floor-length or puddling on the floor, these window treatments bring a sense of formality and an air of sophistication to a room.

Drapes are often used to cover tall windows or even sliding glass or patio doors—and their often heavier fabric can help add an extra layer of insulation at the window (especially when paired with a liner).

That heavier fabric, though, can sometimes make opening and closing drapes cumbersome—especially those on tall windows or behind furniture.

And that’s where motorized drapes come in.

Living room featuring large windows with top to floor drapery set behind a sofa. Carole Fabrics Custom Tuxedo Pleat Drapery in Aiden Dusty Blue

Benefits of Motorized Drapes

Motorized, or automated, drapes offer a host of benefits, the key one being convenience. With motorized drapes, such as those with PowerView® Automation, you can open, close and adjust drapes with a remote, an app, automatically through custom schedules you create, and with your voice and your favorite voice assistant. You can also integrate PowerView drapery with compatible smart-home systems.

Having automated control also enhances security; you can schedule drapes to automatically open and close, giving your home a lived-in look while you’re away. You can enjoy better energy efficiency, too, because you can schedule drapes to open or close, depending on the season, to keep interiors warmer or cooler.

Plus, because motorized drapes lack operating cords, they’re safer for homes with small children (and pets).

Styles and Fabrics

No matter your home’s aesthetics, you’re sure to find motorized drapery that complements your design. Drapes are available in a variety of styles and even more fabric options, meaning the sky’s (almost) the limit.

Carole Fabrics Drapery, for example, offers more than 4,000 on-trend fabrics to choose from, in everything from understated neutrals and elegant patterns to textured weaves and colors that pop. These distinctive fabrics are available in pleated, non-pleated and Ripplefold™ styles, as well as with a range of premium hardware and custom hardware finishes.

Hassle-Free Installation

To ensure motorized drapery not only fits your windows perfectly but also operates properly, look to a window treatment expert for design, measuring and installation.

A Hunter Douglas window treatment expert will collaborate with you, so you end up with the exact drapery and drapery hardware you’re looking for. Your expert will also measure for and install your drapery, as well as set up your PowerView system—so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view.

Large window featuring drapes partially drawn in front of a table with a plant on top. Carole Fabrics Custom Drapery
Hunter Douglas Carole Fabrics™ Custom Drapes layered near Anaheim and Rancho Santa Margarita, California (CA) Carole Fabrics Custom Drapery

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